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Handmade Textile Art

Every piece you find in this shop is handmade by be alone in my home atelier in Turku. My work is all about making quality goods of functional art, and if not a custom order, I rarely ever make two pieces of the same design.

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Free Hand Machine Embroidery

All my embroidery art is made with a technique called "free hand machine embroidery". This basically means that I draw my design with needle and thread. This creates a handmade and unique design that is impossible to replicate, and yet it is durable and can even be machine washed.

free hand machine embroidery

Recycled Materials

I decided early on that I didn’t want to build upon the pile of stuff we already have with my design. I get most of my inspiration and materials from flea markets, and only buy new materials for certain custom orders or other specific designs.

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Functional Art

Just as with my photography, where I enjoy documenting the life of and for others, I with my embroidery enjoy making art the people around me can use, wear and tear. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the things I create find a place in someone else's home or wardrobe.


Återbruk, hantverk och hjärta är tre ord som beskriver varför jag tycker så mycket om allt som Julia skapar.



I love the mix of elegance and quirkiness in Julia's work, and the colors are always on point!

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