Care for your piece of art

The technique I use for making my embroidery, creates a durable design that is meant to be used and/or worn. You should still, as with anything you own, handle it with care.



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Can my piece be machine washed?

Yes, most of my embroidery art can be machine washed with the exception of some of the fabric baskets and other pieces that have other materials than fabric attached to them.

How do I machine wash my piece of embroidery art?

Wash your piece with similar colors at a temperature fit to the fabric. I recommend using a wash bag so that the embroidery doesn't get caught in the machine.

Can I use stain remover or bleech on my artwork?

I would advice NOT to use stain remover or bleech on your artwork. Especially for the recycled materials I cannot guarantee the durability of the fabric color and don't want your piece to discolor.


Can my piece be ironed?

Yes, almost all of my pieces can be ironed. I try to specify the materials used for my pieces, but with some of the fabrics bought second hand I might not know so handle your piece with care and iron on the wrong side to minimize the risk of leaving marks.

My piece has run a thread, what do I do?

If your embroidered piece has run a thread I advice you to attach it on the back with a simple knot. If this were to happen soon after your purchase and you're dissatisfied with your product I kindly ask you to get in touch with me so we can sort it out.

My piece has worn down from frequent use and needs repairing, can you help me?

Yes, I can! I use recycled materials since I want to prolong the life cycle of the items we produce. I naturally also want to see my art live on and would gladly repair a loved piece for a small fee.



I use recycled fabrics since I want to prolong the life cycle of the items we produce. I would therefor love nothing more than to restore your used and loved piece of embroidery art to it’s former glory. So if your piece is torn and needs repairing you can get back to me and I will try to fix it for you. 

If your piece tears soon after purchase and you’re dissatisfied with your products I kindly as you to get in touch so we can sort it out. I do ask you to keep in mind however that all my embroidery art is handmade and that all pieces will wear down a bit over time if used frequently.