I used to be certain that I could not draw, then I forgot about that fact and did it anyway.

Creating an entirely new medium in free hand embroidery, I found a space where I am free to experiment and let my work grow. All works are by my own design, based on drawings in my sketchbook and are handmade from start to finish. All pieces are therefor unique and impossible to replicate.

If you came looking for something specific that you can't find on here, it might have sold however don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll get back to you with a quote for a custom art work.

If you came looking for something else than textile art you might have this site mixed up with my other portfolio over at www.julialillqvist.com where I share stories about people and their loved ones (aka wedding photography). If you feel the need of an explanation as to how portrait photography and textile art go together, I can tell you all about it over at my instagram (@julialillqvist).

This is an ongoing project and process that I have no control over what so ever so motives, styles, shapes and sizes my vary because artistic expression is more important than brand. This my way of being, I hope you enjoy it.